Schmieder MultiSearch. Fast, reliable, specific to your company.

The perfect combination of machine translation, company-specific terminology and a translation memory system. Sounds innovative? It is.

In the day-to-day business of a global company, things sometimes need to be done quickly. We have developed Schmieder MultiSearch for precisely these occasions. A handy tool that improves the machine translations provided by Microsoft, Google or any other specific piece of translation software by incorporating your company’s terminology and any existing translations from the database. It provides you with a quick result that uses the correct corporate language, leaving you to get on with communicating with others in multiple languages.

The benefits for you of Schmieder MultiSearch.

All file formats.

From PDF and PPT to a whole host of different document types, Schmieder MultiSearch supports a variety of file formats and applications. No tedious copying and pasting. No size limits.

Secure. Not just today, but tomorrow too.

Schmieder MultiSearch uses secure browser connections, and the hardware and server are operated by German companies. This means that sensitive information is well protected at all times.

No limits.

Lots of sources. Lots of users. Any device. No size limit. You can access MultiSearch from any location in the world and on any device. Whether you have one or 1,000 employees.


Complete cost control: we are happy to provide you with access to Schmieder MultiSearch for a fixed monthly fee, without requiring any initial investment, thanks to our convenient subscription model (SaaS).

Corporate branding.

Schmieder MultiSearch can be made just as unique as your company with individual access addresses, such as “”, or the inclusion of your company’s logo.

Technical support.

In keeping with the philosophy and high service standards of Schmieder Translations, a dedicated team will deal with your support requests.
“Sometimes technology is difficult to understand. But with Schmieder, even that’s easy.”

The perfect MultiSearch package for your requirements.

Basic Pro Ultimate
Integration of machine translation tools
Translation of whole documents
Translate files of any size
Translate all file formats
Search existing translations
5 languages included 10 languages included
Display of partial matches (“Fuzzy Matches”) from the database
Translations imported from the existing database
Every 3 months Monthly
Improved translation results due to accurate sentence-based segmentation
Search existing glossaries
5 languages included 10 languages included
Glossary updates
Every 3 months Monthly
Suggestion feature for glossary entries
Individual front-end design
Simple login using IP-based authentication
Simple login using SSO
Detailed tutorials
Individual training provided
Update and release
Other advantages

Looking for a tailor-made package for your company or only need to use some of the features detailed above? Feel free to get in touch – we can find the right solution for your requirements.

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More than a traditional translation tool.

Schmieder MultiSearch is a machine translation tool, terminology database and corporate language manager all in one. Customised to your company’s individual needs and quick and easy to set up for every member of staff.

Highest level of data security.

More and more employees need texts in a wide variety of languages. Online translation tools are helpful in this respect and they are delivering better and better results. The problem, however, is that the data is exposed to the Internet and used to improve the machines. Unlike these sorts of tools, Schmieder MultiSearch guarantees the highest level of data security. As a company based in Germany, we comply with all the data protection regulations of the European Union and also adapt the services we offer to satisfy your needs.

Individual corporate language.

As a rule, traditional machine translations cannot be enhanced and improved with your own content. Although it is sometimes possible to add a glossary, this can then only be used in the environment of the automated service. With Schmieder MultiSearch, all company-specific terminology and translations that have already been created can be accessed. Similar spellings or sentences with partial matches are also displayed with the help of a fuzzy match search.

Easy to use.

Schmieder MultiSearch integrates the well-known machine translation services into an environment that is easy to use and yet still has many handy features to offer. Schmieder MultiSearch does not have any technical requirements. All you need is Internet access and a standard browser, such as Firefox, Edge or Chrome. All of the features can also be used on tablets and smartphones.

No limits.

All file formats. No size limit. While many providers are limited to a handful of standard formats or a plain text field, Schmieder MultiSearch supports a variety of applications, including Adobe PDF. You can also translate complete presentations, brochures and many other large documents without ever exceeding the limits, because Schmieder MultiSearch does not have any size restrictions whatsoever.
Schmieder employee

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What our clients have to say.

Nicol Schindlbeck

TermPortal and MultiSearch are the perfect complement to our day-to-day work. With a single click, more than 2300 colleagues (worldwide) can find the right translations. Whether it’s a single word, entire sentences or even complete documents, the results comply with our corporate language.

Nicol Schindlbeck
Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications
ODU GmbH & Co. KG
Annika Schebetka

We’ve been working together for over 20 years and have undergone many changes and processes in that time, but Schmieder has always been on our side providing us with help and advice and top-quality translations – and always with a smile. 

Annika Schebetka
Head of Print Advertising Management
Walz Leben & Wohnen GmbH

Got a question? We have the answer.

  • How can I log in to MultiSearch?

    MultiSearch has several login options – single sign-on with OpenID Connect and ActiveDirectory, IP-based authentication or the classic option of entering your login details. You decide which solution is the most practical for you and your staff.  

  • Which languages can be translated in MultiSearch?

    In MultiSearch, you can search for terms in all of the languages stored in your translation database. You also have the option of producing translations in all of the languages offered by your chosen machine translation provider.

  • Can we have a trial of MultiSearch?

    Yes, you’re welcome to have a trial of MultiSearch. Simply get in touch and we’ll send you the login details for a demo version without delay.

  • How long will it take to integrate MultiSearch?

    MultiSearch can be integrated within a few working days. The integration may take slightly longer depending on the login procedure and any modifications the customer wishes to make.

  • Which file formats can be translated?

    MultiSearch is able to process all common editable file formats, such as Word, PowerPoint or Excel. In addition, InDesign or even PDF files can also be translated. We would be happy to provide you with a list of all the common file formats.

  • Can you guarantee data security?

    Translations are processed exclusively on servers hosted in Germany. At the same time, we ensure the highest standards of security. Our server providers undergo regular audits, such as ISO/IEC 27001, which is how we monitor and ensure this.

  • Will our company have access to the translations?

    We offer a customer portal where every translated sentence can be retrieved. Your corporate language and optional machine translation services can also be integrated here.