Russian translation agency: 33 letters. One aim – your satisfaction.

We translate your marketing texts from and into Russian and, on request, will manage all of your international corporate communications.

Not just a fascinating economy, but language and culture too. For your Russian translations, we will only ever work with native speakers who not only understand all the intricacies of the Russian language, but Slavic culture too. This is how we ensure that your translations are perfectly tailored to meet the unique demands of the market and target group and that nothing gets lost in translation. Whether for Russia, Kyrgyzstan or one of 19 other countries where Russian is the official language, you can be confident of your position on the international stage with our Russian translations.

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As we always choose the translators that are the best fit for your needs and the fields in which you work, we are not just masters of our own trade, but yours too.

“Identity can be shaped. Language is a great tool to do precisely that.”
Schmieder employee

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  • How can you tell if a translation agency for Russian is any good?

    A language service provider must be certified in accordance with ISO EN 17100 as a minimum. The target language must always be the mother tongue of the translator. In addition, make sure you are assigned a dedicated project manager. This person will coordinate your projects and train the team of translators to your exact requirements. Maintenance of your translation memory and specialist terminology should also be included in addition to all the standard services.

  • What qualifications might the translators who work for your translation agency have for Russian?

    Our translators only ever translate into their mother tongue, and we regularly review the quality of translations with the help of an evaluation system that we’ve developed ourselves. What’s more, Schmieder only ever collaborates with professional translators who hold a university degree or can demonstrate many years of experience.

  • Who are the services of a translation agency for Russian aimed at?

    Place your trust in an expert like Schmieder for your translations, because if you attach great importance to your content development in the source language, then you deserve the same high standards for the target language.

  • Why do I need a translation agency for Russian?

    Whatever the language, Schmieder Translations guarantees that it will only ever collaborate with qualified native speakers who have a university degree or many years of relevant experience. Only professional translators whose mother tongue is the target language will have the necessary feel for the language to produce a perfect translation. What’s more, we have the right specialists for every subject area. That is how we get the best result for you.

  • How do we exchange data for my Russian website?

    If your content management system has an export function, you can send us the file that is generated for translation into Russian. These are usually XLF or XML files. We will process these directly using our translation memory system and input the translation. Then, all you need to do is to import the file and your website will be displayed in Russian.

  • Which fonts must be used to display Cyrillic characters correctly?

    Using the right font is crucial, especially for Russian translations. The majority of fonts are able to display Cyrillic characters. Some character sets, however, are incomplete, or special characters will be incompatible with the Cyrillic typeface. We will be happy to advise you whether your corporate typeface is suitable on a case-by-case basis.

  • What do I need to bear in mind for a translation into Russian? And is there anything special about Russian translations?

    Three points: The translator must have Russian as their mother tongue and they have to be a professional; their work must also be reviewed at regular intervals. That’s always the case at Schmieder.

  • Can a translation agency help to make companies in the textile industry look professional abroad?

    A high-quality translation will further emphasise the quality of your products in the target market. This is proven to help you increase the sales of your products in the target market. The only way to reach your audience in the target country is with the right feel for the language in question. This is something we are happy to help you with.

  • What sort of documents are translated in the plumbing and HVAC industry?

    In addition to technical documents like operating and maintenance instructions, getting marketing materials translated is particularly wise.

  • When is a translation necessary in the automotive industry?

    Professional marketing translations are primarily required to help sell products in the target market. Needless to say, the channel (website, flyer, catalogue) that will be used for the translations is taken into account. 

  • Which languages do you translate into?

    There is hardly any language that we do not translate into. In addition to common European languages, Russian and Chinese, we also translate into more exotic languages, such as Malay and Farsi, but also Romansh and even Klingon.