Your translation agency for public relations: For us, cultivating an image is the be-all and end-all.

From press releases to social media campaigns, we translate your PR texts and will help you with your community and public relations work.

The way your company is perceived by the public largely depends on the way you communicate with it. We can help you with your international PR work and translate press releases, annual reports, social media campaigns and much more besides. Taking advantage of the expertise and PR experience of our native-speaking employees, we ensure that your company has the public image you want it to have. Something you will first notice in our PR texts, before it becomes clear for all to see in international publications and all the positive coverage your company receives.

Our translation services for your public relations.

We know the difference between advertising and PR, as well as the best way to communicate with various stakeholders.


Our native speakers do more than simply translate your PR texts; they adapt them to convey the true meaning, taking the linguistic and cultural nuances into consideration.


To prevent you from making an unintentional faux pas and ensure that your company is properly understood globally, instead of translating your PR texts word for word, we adapt them to different people, markets and cultures.

Corporate language

We ensure that the corporate language of your company is the same in any language, and that company-specific terminology is always used consistently.

Flyer translations

We translate your texts in a quick and simple manner, ensuring that your company speaks the same language, whether in an annual report or a flyer.
“We find the right words to ensure your company has the right public image.”
Schmieder employee

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What our clients have to say.

Tobias Brede

Schmieder is our partner for all manner of high-quality publications, catalogues, brochures and reports. Thanks to the way they process the files, Schmieder delivers the finished translations in the original format, which saves us a lot of unnecessary work. This enables us all to save time and resources, and to focus on the quality of the end products instead.

Tobias Brede
Senior Strategic Communications Consultant
New Communication GmbH & Co. KG
Sebastian Schnell

There’s a good reason why we’ve been partners for so many years – Schmieder always strikes the right note! Schmieder is synonymous with quality, professionalism and creativity, especially when it comes to the translation of PR and marketing texts. Our customers are happy, and we’re happy – that says it all.

Sebastian Schnell
Head of Project Management
Schindler Parent GmbH

Whether it’s our website, a press release or a presentation, Schmieder is our expert when it comes to marketing translations. Together, we’re taking digital property marketing to another level. Here’s to many more years to come – we’re excited about the future!

Prof. Dr. Thomas Dobbelstein

We compile highly complex analyses, which are precisely tailored to our customers’ needs. Image analyses and customer satisfaction surveys in particular place especially high demands on translating the message that’s hidden between the lines. Schmieder Translations gets things perfect every single time. Everything is spot on. And they usually even exceed tight delivery deadlines. We are incredibly happy with what they do.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Dobbelstein
Managing Director
Marktforschungsinstitut Customer Research 42 GmbH

Got a question? We have the answer.

  • What do I need to bear in mind when it comes to catalogue translations?

    Your language service provider must be a competent user of Adobe InDesign. This will minimise any possible issues for you and the advertising agency. At the same time, having the right translators is essential – different experts are required for a new motorhome than for cable assemblies.

  • What do I need to bear in mind when it comes to flyer translations?

    Be concise and to the point. The translation must be worded in the same way as your flyers. To do this, you need professionals with a particular flair for marketing language. You then also need someone to check the layout in the target language.

  • Why is it so important to get PR materials translated?

    You invest a great deal in PR to ensure that your message resonates with your target audience. If this isn’t done in your audience’s mother tongue, then your investment goes to waste. Avoid any possible issues and address your target market directly.

  • Which languages do you offer for PR translations?

    We can provide you with whatever you need. With 450 professional translators all around the world, we have the right person for every language combination.

  • What sort of PR documents are translated?

    From press kits to LinkedIn posts, we can help you with your international PR work. We can also translate your white papers and any other content into the languages of your target markets.

  • We have exacting demands where marketing translations are concerned. How will you ensure these are satisfied?

    We check the work carried out by our professional translators on an ongoing basis with the help of a review and evaluation system that we’ve developed ourselves (based on the SAE J2450 standard). Aside from thoroughly checking the translation for technical accuracy, we also gauge how suitable the language is for marketing purposes. This is how we have earned our reputation as a leading agency for marketing translations.

  • What are the benefits of proofreading to ISO standard?

    Proofreading to ISO standard is an overall check of the translation. We recommend proofreading to ISO standard by a second native speaker for printed texts in particular. A second native-speaking professional translator with at least the same qualifications will compare the translation against the source text sentence by sentence. In addition to checking the content, the sentence structure, spelling, punctuation and style are also checked. 

  • We have a company glossary – can you use it?

    We can import your existing terminology and make sure that it is used in each and every project. Our database shows our professional translators every time a term appears, and compliance is checked in our quality assurance process.

  • What is the difference between proofreading and editing?

    Proofreading is about checking whether the text is linguistically correct. Attention is paid to spelling, grammar and punctuation. Editing goes beyond this. Language consistency is also checked, while the language style is improved and any misleading passages are reworded as necessary.

  • Which format does the text have to be in?

    Ideally, send us the text to be translated in an editable format – it can be Word, Excel, PowerPoint, IDML or XML/XLIFF. This will enable us to translate your original document directly without requiring any tedious copying and pasting on your part. By the way, if you don’t have an editable file to hand, we will be happy to create one for you.