Great brands need great texts.

Schmieder – more than a translation agency: the translation agency for marketing texts in the German-speaking world.

The art of conveying internationality and identity to perfection.

We are the translation agency for your marketing texts. We are certified in accordance with the highest quality standards and our job is far from done when we reach the end of a text. We also translate the meaning between the lines and put brands in the right context in all languages and cultures. We use our experience, a feel for language and all the latest tools and resources to ensure that international corporate communication is made as easy and efficient as possible, both for you and for us.

Facts & Figures.


Over 300 international brands have placed their trust in us.


We translate into more than 80 languages.


More than 450 translators.


In family hands for two generations and over 30 years.

Our values – Your added value.

We understand every language and everything else you need.

That is why in addition to translation, we will also take care of page layouts, final artwork and project management on request. We will maintain your company-specific glossary, keep an eye on deadlines, adapt our interfaces to your systems and coordinate projects with other agencies.

We are not satisfied with certified quality.

We regularly seek certification in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 17100, only to go on and exceed this standard afterwards. That is because we set the strictest evaluation criteria ourselves. From our base in Baden-Württemberg, this is how we guarantee professional marketing translations for every country in the world.

Dedicated project teams.

Language relies on the people who create it. We believe that long-term partnerships guarantee better results, which is why we are always here for you with a dedicated contact person for all languages and any issues. We work in partnership with all of our translators to ensure that the people who regularly work on your projects will be available for years to come.

Creativity and brand awareness.

Instead of translating texts word for word, we incorporate a deep understanding of your target groups and markets, and come up with some creative solutions in the process. We involve partner agencies in approval processes, find the perfect interface design and combine tried-and-tested services with innovative technical solutions.

“Three things are crucial for a company’s success: courage, passion and the right people.”

The people behind the words.

Florian Schmieder

Managing Director

Richard Pfeifer

Head of Sales

Dominik Rapp

Project Management

Karin Rothenhäusler

Project Management

Julia Ritter

Project Management

Britta Cares

Project Management

Nikolas Deutelmoser

Project Management

Anne Beinhauer

Head of Quality Management

Demet Ataseven

Quality Management

Maray Wagner

Quality Management

Verena Teufel

Financial Accounting

Susanne Müller

Employee Support

Sascha Weber

IT Management

Ahead of the times, both then and now.

One typewriter, a small room in a basement and a strong entrepreneurial spirit: the secretarial office created by Anne Schmieder on 1 October 1986 has since evolved into three successful service companies. Schmieder Recruitment, Schmieder Translations and Schmieder Customer Contact Management. We employ over 100 members of staff in a variety of working time models and have over 400 freelancers on our books. As a family business, Schmieder still makes a significant contribution towards strengthening the labour market and economy in the Lake Constance/Upper Swabia region, while allowing the entrepreneurial spirit to continue to grow.

“Schmieder GmbH” and “Schmieder Übersetzungen GmbH” come together under one roof. Both companies move into the new office building.
The reins to the business are handed over to the next generation. Florian Schmieder takes over both “Schmieder Übersetzungen GmbH” and “Schmieder GmbH”, while Anne Schmieder devotes all of her attention to Customer Contact Management (CCM).
Florian Schmieder joins “Schmieder GmbH” as an additional Managing Director.
The Schmieder Customer Contact Centre (CCC) becomes Schmieder Customer Contact Management (CCM).
Florian Schmieder takes over the reins of “Schmieder Übersetzungen GmbH”.
Establishment of the Schmieder Customer Contact Centre (CCC).
Florian Schmieder joins the company belonging to his mother, Anne Schmieder.
Further offices are leased in the adjacent company premises.
The personnel services division becomes a separate limited liability company, “Schmieder GmbH”. “Schmieder GmbH” expands to include the “Engineers for Upper Swabia” division. The translation agency becomes a separate limited liability company, “Schmieder Übersetzungen GmbH”.
Extension of the attic to include a staff room and conference room.
Construction/addition of a new office building for the personnel services division.
The former residential building is taken over entirely by the business.
The sole proprietorship becomes the limited liability company “Büroservice Schmieder GmbH.”
Relocation from the basement to the attic.
First text in a foreign language processed.
Foundation of the Schmieder secretarial office.
Schmieder employee

At home in any language.

Got a question or an enquiry? Interested in getting your marketing texts translated by a professional? Get in touch and let us take care of the writing for you.

Contact & Directions

If we are ever lost for words, there can only be one reason: we have vacancies.

We are always looking for new talented linguists, brand gurus or people with project management experience. Sounds like you? If so, we look forward to receiving your application or any representative samples of your work.