Your translation agency for e-commerce: We translate success into all languages.

We make online shops a hit worldwide – with translations that make your customers excited about your products and services.

Available around the clock and everywhere, at any time of day or night, anywhere in the world: online shopping has revolutionised the retail industry – and we are revolutionising the texts for your online shop. With e-commerce texts and translations for your online shop that make shopping a real experience, even online. Short and succinct, SEO-compliant, and tailored to your corporate language.

Our translation services in the field of e-commerce.

When your customers add an item to their shopping basket, that is the best compliment we can get for our work. When the translation is perfect, sales will soar.

Corporate language

For a company to be appealing, language and design must work together in harmony. That is why we ensure that terms are used consistently and adapt the length and style of translations to your layout.

Website translations

We would be happy to help you get your international online shop off the ground – with translations that take into account the things that make your markets unique and strike exactly the right note online.

Product text translations

Whether for the fashion, beauty, plumbing and HVAC or automotive industry, we use dedicated teams of native translators who are up to speed with all the issues that matter to you and your target groups.

SEO-compliant translations

To ensure that your online shop is easy to find, we think of the relevant keywords in every language right from the start, and incorporate these seamlessly into your translations.
“Good advice, an inviting design and a warm welcome: the things that work offline will make your store a hit online too.”
Schmieder employee

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What our clients have to say.

Annika Schebetka

We’ve been working together for over 20 years and have undergone many changes and processes in that time, but Schmieder has always been on our side providing us with help and advice and top-quality translations – and always with a smile. 

Annika Schebetka
Head of Print Advertising Management
Walz Leben & Wohnen GmbH
Sarah Leger

We always need flyers and website texts translating into different languages for our products. Schmieder Translations is the perfect partner in this respect – reliable, fast and simply professional!

Sarah Leger
Marketing Manager
FLAWA Consumer GmbH

Peter Hahn is synonymous with high-end and exclusive fashion, Schmieder with high-quality translations – so it stands to reason that we have our communications translated by Schmieder.


Whether it’s our website, a press release or a presentation, Schmieder is our expert when it comes to marketing translations. Together, we’re taking digital property marketing to another level. Here’s to many more years to come – we’re excited about the future!

Sebastian Egg

Thank you so much for the brilliant translations! Thanks also for the quick and professional service! We’ll definitely be back.

Sebastian Egg
Head of Sales Export
Töpfer GmbH

Got a question? We have the answer.

  • What do I need to bear in mind when it comes to website translations?

    If you are able to export the content of your website (usually with a plugin that creates an XML file), it will save you a lot of work. We process this file directly, which saves you from having to copy everything out. Alternatively, we can input everything into the backend of the site.

  • Is an English translation all you need in e-commerce?

    You need to stand out from the competition on a daily basis. Quality, service and pricing is how you impress your customers. If you fail to serve them in their mother tongue, then you lose your direct contact with them. A real competitive handicap.

  • Why is a translation agency so important for e-commerce?

    The only way to reach your customers directly is in their mother tongue. This is no trouble whatsoever with a professional language service provider. They will connect their translation memory system with your own systems, into which the translations are directly imported. A streamlined process and the highest quality standards.

  • Are you able to translate all sorts of documents and texts?

    Catalogues in Adobe InDesign, your website as an XML export or a data sheet as a simple Word document – we accept all formats and will return the texts to you in the same format.

  • Are the translations SEO-compliant?

    Yes, on request we will gladly adopt the keywords you have selected and will use these in the foreign language. Needless to say, we will of course avoid duplicate content and any clumsy wording. We would also be happy to carry out keyword research in the target language on your behalf.

  • We have a company glossary – can you use it?

    We can import your existing terminology and make sure that it is used in each and every project. Our database shows our professional translators every time a term appears, and compliance is checked in our quality assurance process.