Proofreading: Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s to ensure your success.

Accuracy on every line: in addition to print advertising material, such as catalogues, flyers and advertisements, we also revise websites and online catalogues in over 80 languages.

Even the best marketing texts can contain mistakes. Fortunately, our professional proofreaders are tirelessly on the lookout for them. Whether the texts will be printed or appear online, our proofreading procedure includes spelling, grammar and punctuation – in addition, we also ensure a CI-compliant linguistic style and that pithy expressions and idiomatic language are used. With the help of approved glossaries or style guides, everything we do will always be geared towards the corporate identity of your company. We will dot the i’s and cross the t’s to make sure that you stand out for all the right reasons.

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The benefits for you of proofreading with Schmieder.

Whether printed or online, we ensure that your texts are free of errors and can be easily understood; texts that not only speak the language of your company, but your customers too. Professional proofreading is absolutely critical, especially in the field of marketing.

Thorough and rigorous.

We find every single mistake, because we check every single thing: not just spelling, grammar, punctuation and typography, but expressions, language style and the coherence of the content too.

CI-compliant revisions.

We proofread every single text with your corporate identity in mind at all times. To ensure that we always hit the right note for your company, we like to use reference material in the form of approved glossaries or style guides.

Any language.
No mistakes.

We proofread and correct your advertising material in over 80 languages – leaving you to impress your international audience with flawless texts.

One single service provider.

Proofreading the source text is the perfect way to lay the groundwork for a top-quality translation. By integrating this seamlessly into our process, we can turn around projects more quickly.
“Ensuring it’s not only your target group that loves your texts, but all the search engines too.”

Around the world in over 80 languages.

Voilà, vamos! As a marketing translation agency, we are fluent in more than 80 languages. We also understand the humour, feelings and desires of your target groups and ensure that your marketing message is not just understood, but is memorable too. Below is a small selection of our core languages:

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What our clients have to say.

Patrick Müller

As usual, we were able to rely on you entirely. When it comes to producing our brochures and the time frames associated with this, that’s critical both for us and our agency, and for this I’m genuinely grateful! Please do pass on my thanks to everyone involved. Thank you so much for the excellent teamwork.

Patrick Müller
Hymer GmbH & Co. KG
Nicol Schindlbeck

TermPortal and MultiSearch are the perfect complement to our day-to-day work. With a single click, more than 2300 colleagues (worldwide) can find the right translations. Whether it’s a single word, entire sentences or even complete documents, the results comply with our corporate language.

Nicol Schindlbeck
Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications
ODU GmbH & Co. KG
Tatjana Schweitzer

The perfect partnership for many years: Schmieder Translations not only knows our brand and our company, but is an expert in our field too, which is why it delivers the perfect texts for a wide variety of departments.

Tatjana Schweitzer
Head of Marketing
RAFI GmbH & Co. KG
Tobias Brede

Schmieder is our partner for all manner of high-quality publications, catalogues, brochures and reports. Thanks to the way they process the files, Schmieder delivers the finished translations in the original format, which saves us a lot of unnecessary work. This enables us all to save time and resources, and to focus on the quality of the end products instead.

Tobias Brede
Senior Strategic Communications Consultant
New Communication GmbH & Co. KG
Annika Schebetka

We’ve been working together for over 20 years and have undergone many changes and processes in that time, but Schmieder has always been on our side providing us with help and advice and top-quality translations – and always with a smile. 

Annika Schebetka
Head of Print Advertising Management
Walz Leben & Wohnen GmbH

Got a question? We have the answer.

  • What are the benefits of proofreading to ISO standard?

    Proofreading to ISO standard is an overall check of the translation. We recommend proofreading to ISO standard by a second native speaker for printed texts in particular. A second native-speaking professional translator with at least the same qualifications will compare the translation against the source text sentence by sentence. In addition to checking the content, the sentence structure, spelling, punctuation and style are also checked. 

  • How do we find the right translators?

    When selecting your team of translators, we not only ensure that they have the right professional background, but the perfect style too. While accuracy plays a key role in legal texts and it’s essential that the correct terms are used in technical documents, creativity can occasionally be given free rein when it comes to translating marketing texts. We are also happy to provide you with a couple of suggestions and you can then choose your team.

  • What is the difference between proofreading and editing?

    Proofreading is about checking whether the text is linguistically correct. Attention is paid to spelling, grammar and punctuation. Editing goes beyond this. Language consistency is also checked, while the language style is improved and any misleading passages are reworded as necessary.

  • Who translates the text?

    At Schmieder, professional translators translate exclusively into their respective mother tongue. Our team consists of highly qualified language experts who specialise in a wide variety of fields. This enables us to find the perfect match for your texts every time.