Your translation agency for the toy industry: If you want to do things right, that’s where we come into play.

We translate your marketing texts in such a way that your target group will be gripped before they even get round to playing with the toy itself.

What sounds like child’s play will push many traditional translation agencies to their limits: simple, plain language, uniform terminology, a consistent brand identity across all markets and target groups – from toddlers to hardcore gamers who are all grown up. We specialise in the translation of marketing texts for the toy industry and ensure that you are a resounding success in every single country thanks to the many years of experience and linguistic finesse of our native translators.

Our translation services for the toy industry.

We always do a little bit more so that you always have a little bit less to do.


To ensure your company is properly understood, instead of translating your texts word for word, we adapt them to reflect the linguistic rules of the target market.


Since a good translation is not a game of chance, our native speakers do more than simply translate your marketing texts for the toy industry; they adapt them to convey the true meaning.

Corporate language

For a company to be appealing, language and design must work together in harmony. That is why we ensure that terms are used consistently and adapt the length and style of translations to your layout.

Language management

As a global player, we are certified in accordance with ISO 17100 and will manage all of your company’s web, print and campaign texts in foreign languages.
“The more challenging the task, the more determined we are to win.”
Schmieder employee

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What our clients have to say.

Michael Seeler

Schmieder has many years of experience in the toy industry and therefore has the necessary feel for the right language, which is why they’ve been helping us to translate our product names, product information and all of our external communications for many years now.

Michael Seeler
Authorised Representative/Head of Sales
Nic Spiel+Art GmbH
Thomas Vock

Multilingualism is the be-all and end-all, especially on the Swiss market, which is why Schmieder translates the texts for our puzzles into Italian and French and adapts them, where necessary, to the unique needs of our country. For us, there’s no one better – they have a fantastic understanding of the toy industry.

Thomas Vock Spieleverlag GmbH
Katrin Schmidt

With Schmieder, we’ve found a reliable specialist in the toy industry who translates our game manuals for the Swiss market into French and Italian. And best of all, no puns or rules ever get lost in translation.

Katrin Schmidt
Export Manager
AMIGO Spiel + Freizeit GmbH

Got a question? We have the answer.

  • What do I need to bear in mind when it comes to flyer translations?

    Be concise and to the point. The translation must be worded in the same way as your flyers. To do this, you need professionals with a particular flair for marketing language. You then also need someone to check the layout in the target language.

  • What are the most common translation languages in the toy industry?

    In the toy industry, translations are often produced in common European languages, such as English, Italian, French or Spanish. In some cases, however, exotic languages like Arabic are also required.

  • How long does it take to translate the manual for a toy?

    Generally speaking, the manageable volumes involved in toy manuals help to keep turnaround times short. However, it is incredibly important that the wording is age appropriate and easy to understand. We assemble your team of core translators for each language. This also saves time.

  • Are you able to translate all sorts of documents and texts?

    Catalogues in Adobe InDesign, your website as an XML export or a data sheet as a simple Word document – we accept all formats and will return the texts to you in the same format.

  • What is localisation and why is it so important?

    Localisation is not just about translating the content of the source text, but adapting it to the respective target market. The focus is on stylistic nuances that are specific to different cultures. This enables us to strike the right note in the target market too and increase trust in your company.

  • How do you guarantee that our corporate language is used?

    We enter your existing terminology into our database and keep adding terms to it with each and every project. Our professional translators stick to these guidelines and we check that everything is as it should be in our quality assurance process too.