Your translation agency for the gaming industry: We take your video games to the next level globally.

We speak the same language as your target group and will help you with the international marketing of your video games.

Your translation agency for the gaming industry: We take your video games to the next level globally.

We speak the same language as your target group and will help you with the international marketing of your video games.

The gaming industry is growing rapidly. Video games are becoming more and more realistic while technological progress and innovative hardware are opening up new possibilities. As a result, the international gaming market is fiercely competitive. We will assist you with the development of multilingual video games, localise them for you, and also adapt your marketing texts to reflect the things that make the different target markets unique, both culturally and linguistically.

Our translation services for the gaming industry.

From game manuals to dialogue, subtitles, packaging, websites and a whole host of other promotional material, we help you with the globalisation and marketing of your video games.


Our native speakers do more than simply translate your texts word for word; they adapt them for the gaming industry to convey the true meaning and to ensure they have the right tone.

Language management

Any market. Any language. Online or offline. Certified in accordance with ISO 17100, we are your international marketing partner and will manage all of your company’s texts in foreign languages.

SEO-compliant translations

We adapt your SEO strategy to the relevant target market and optimise your translations in all languages for the keywords with the highest search volume and the optimal competitive density.


We do more than simply provide translations; we adapt terms, formats and language style to the unique needs of your target markets – from multilingual e-commerce sites to complex video games.
“Where globalisation is the final boss, we’re the perfect teammates you need on your side.”
Schmieder employee

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What our clients have to say.


Whether it’s our website, a press release or a presentation, Schmieder is our expert when it comes to marketing translations. Together, we’re taking digital property marketing to another level. Here’s to many more years to come – we’re excited about the future!

Jens Dubberke

We’re absolutely delighted with the quality of the texts! Thank you so much for the fast and excellent job you’ve done – we’ve added Schmieder to our portfolio of service providers and are looking forward 
to many more translations in future.

Jens Dubberke
Marketing Professional
Aleri Solutions GmbH
Schmidt Spiele GmbH

When it comes to comprehension and complex relationships within a text in particular, it’s vital that these are retained in the respective foreign languages. This requires a trustworthy partner who is willing to ask questions if ever something seems unclear. That’s exactly the kind of partner we’ve found in Schmieder Translations.

Schmidt Spiele GmbH

Got a question? We have the answer.

  • What do I need to bear in mind when it comes to website translations?

    If you are able to export the content of your website (usually with a plugin that creates an XML file), it will save you a lot of work. We process this file directly, which saves you from having to copy everything out. Alternatively, we can input everything into the backend of the site.

  • Which languages can I get my documents translated into?

    With 450 professional translators all around the world, we’ve got virtually every language combination covered. All of our translators translate exclusively into their mother tongue.

  • What is localisation and why is it so important?

    Localisation is not just about translating the content of the source text, but adapting it to the respective target market. The focus is on stylistic nuances that are specific to different cultures. This enables us to strike the right note in the target market too and increase trust in your company.

  • What is the difference between transcreation and translation?

    While a translation transfers the content and structure of a text into the target language, transcreation goes one step further. It also reproduces the meaning of the source text, but in a very free way. The text is precisely tailored to the target group, which is especially recommended for marketing texts containing puns and proverbs.