Chinese translation agency: Big country. Big opportunities.

We translate your marketing texts professionally from and into a variety of Chinese dialects.

We build a bridge to the Chinese market for you with our Chinese translations. As a certified translation agency, we will only ever work with native translators. We combine a feel for languages with innovative language software and adapt your texts to reflect the unique cultural traits of the market. Whether for the People’s Republic of China, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong or somewhere else – we help you to tap into new markets with our Chinese translations.

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Our industries and areas of expertise.

We keep ourselves completely up to date with the latest developments in your industry and assemble a dedicated team of regular translators to satisfy your needs.

“To become a true global player, there is no avoiding the Chinese market.”
Schmieder employee

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What our clients have to say.

Nicol Schindlbeck

TermPortal and MultiSearch are the perfect complement to our day-to-day work. With a single click, more than 2300 colleagues (worldwide) can find the right translations. Whether it’s a single word, entire sentences or even complete documents, the results comply with our corporate language.

Nicol Schindlbeck
Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications
ODU GmbH & Co. KG
Tatjana Schweitzer

The perfect partnership for many years: Schmieder Translations not only knows our brand and our company, but is an expert in our field too, which is why it delivers the perfect texts for a wide variety of departments.

Tatjana Schweitzer
Head of Marketing
RAFI GmbH & Co. KG

Got a question? We have the answer.

  • What sort of content should be translated in the home appliance industry?

    Any content that helps your customers to better understand your products and see what their benefits include. This ranges from texts for your website all the way through to instructions for your appliances – it’s important that the corporate language is developed and used consistently in all languages.

  • Which languages are essential for translations in the automotive industry?

    In addition to translations into English, translations into Chinese and French are often required as well. Depending on the company’s export market, however, translations can also be produced in up to 27 languages. This may include Arabic, Italian or Spanish.

  • What sort of content specific to the automotive industry are you able to translate?

    The content that calls for professional marketing translators ranges from classic brochures and price lists all the way through to social media posts. It’s important that the corporate language is developed and used consistently in all languages.

  • Is an English translation all you need in e-commerce?

    You need to stand out from the competition on a daily basis. Quality, service and pricing is how you impress your customers. If you fail to serve them in their mother tongue, then you lose your direct contact with them. A real competitive handicap.

  • Which languages do you translate into?

    There is hardly any language that we do not translate into. In addition to common European languages, Russian and Chinese, we also translate into more exotic languages, such as Malay and Farsi, but also Romansh and even Klingon.