Corporate language: We know how your company speaks.

From the tone of voice to the choice of words, we use language to bring the identity of your company to life and ensure that your corporate language is used consistently.

The language your company uses is just like your corporate design: visible everywhere and at all times. Corporate language brings your brand values to life, builds credibility and determines how your brand is perceived. Whether on your website, in product texts, catalogues or on flyers, our translations ensure that the corporate language used in every single text issued by your company is consistent.

The benefits for you of corporate language.

From professional terminology management to transcreation, we make sure that your company sounds exactly how it should in all of your marketing texts.

Professional terminology management.

Thanks to our central terminology database, we ensure that any specialist terms or company-specific words are used consistently in all markets and countries.

Establishing your linguistic identity.

We define the linguistic identity of your company, carry out test translations to find the right translators for each language, and ensure consistency by using specific style guides for each individual customer.

A dedicated core team.

With the help of CI guidelines, a dedicated team of core translators will ensure that a uniform style is established. A dedicated team of project managers ensures consistency across all languages and will always be on hand to provide you with one-to-one support, whatever it is you need.

Innovative translation software.

Schmieder MultiSearch is a piece of translation software that we provide you and your employees with, which knows all of your company-specific terms and boilerplates.
“We do more than simply provide translations; we give your corporate language an identity.”
Schmieder employee

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Got a question? We have the answer. If only things were always that straightforward with language.

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What our clients have to say.

Annika Schebetka

We’ve been working together for over 20 years and have undergone many changes and processes in that time, but Schmieder has always been on our side providing us with help and advice and top-quality translations – and always with a smile. 

Annika Schebetka
Head of Print Advertising Management
Walz Leben & Wohnen GmbH
Christina Lindbüchl

Translating our media and finding the right tone of voice for our texts in the various languages is a real challenge. It’s something that can only be done by native professionals who are experts in the caravan industry, and who also have an eye for corporate language, whatever the language. We’re glad to have found a partner in Schmieder Translations who satisfies all of these requirements in every way. What’s more, they’re on hand to provide advice and support relating to anything to do with the TMS and interface adaptation. We have no reservations recommending our partner to others!

Christina Lindbüchl
Project Management / Marketing Operations International
Knaus Tabbert AG
Nicol Schindlbeck

TermPortal and MultiSearch are the perfect complement to our day-to-day work. With a single click, more than 2300 colleagues (worldwide) can find the right translations. Whether it’s a single word, entire sentences or even complete documents, the results comply with our corporate language.

Nicol Schindlbeck
Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications
ODU GmbH & Co. KG
Roberto Deola

With Schmieder, we have found the perfect partner to handle all our language management requirements. Schmieder is extremely proficient in managing our corporate language and translates all our marketing texts for the website, our annual reports, brochures and much more. Product Management and Sales also benefit from this and are impressed with the quality of work and professional service offered by Schmieder.

Roberto Deola
Sarah Leger

We always need flyers and website texts translating into different languages for our products. Schmieder Translations is the perfect partner in this respect – reliable, fast and simply professional!

Sarah Leger
Marketing Manager
FLAWA Consumer GmbH
Manuela Neumann

From social media posts and press releases all the way through to our entire website, Schmieder provides us with translations of the highest standard. At the same time, I appreciate the professionalism and collaborative approach of the Schmieder team.

Manuela Neumann
Head of Marketing
ST Deutschland GmbH
Stefan Krebs

Schmieder always manages to exceed our high expectations. Whether it is their fast and excellent service or their perfect translations of our marketing texts and the technical documentation. As a supplier to the automotive industry, mechanical engineering and other sectors, Schmieder supports us in language management and ensures that our corporate wording is consistent. A partner we would have no hesitation in recommending!

Stefan Krebs
Head of Business Development
Mayser GmbH & Co. KG
Heike Schilling

With Schmieder Translations, we’ve found a reliable service provider for all of our needs: our website has been translated into 20 languages, and numerous manuals into various languages. What’s more, our corporate language is also being built up and maintained in the process.

Heike Schilling
Managing Director
Schilling Kran- und Hebetechnik GmbH
This Oldani

Dold is synonymous with outstanding quality and ecolomy – with Schmieder Translations’ holistic language management system, we’ve found the perfect match. Schmieder doesn’t just translate our product texts or any of our marketing products and technical data sheets, but is also familiar with all of our corporate language and always caters to our needs and requirements. An all-round sustainable and resource-saving partnership of the very highest quality.

This Oldani
Head of Marketing
Dold AG

Got a question? We have the answer.

  • We have exacting demands where marketing translations are concerned. How will you ensure these are satisfied?

    We check the work carried out by our professional translators on an ongoing basis with the help of a review and evaluation system that we’ve developed ourselves (based on the SAE J2450 standard). Aside from thoroughly checking the translation for technical accuracy, we also gauge how suitable the language is for marketing purposes. This is how we have earned our reputation as a leading agency for marketing translations.

  • Are you able to manage our company glossary from a central location?

    Our terminology database is the perfect solution for the centralised management of your corporate language. We will not only import your existing glossary, but will also add new specialist terms to the database with each and every project. What’s more, you will have direct access to this via our customer portal and can even suggest new entries there, which we will enter into the database after reviewing them.

  • How does a TMS work?

    Each sentence is stored in the database alongside its translation. The translation memory system will check each sentence for any matches in any subsequent project and suggest these to the professional translator. The translation used for your website will therefore also be available for your catalogue or LinkedIn post.

  • What is a TMS and what are its benefits?

    The translation memory system (TMS) helps our native professional translators as it remembers every sentence in the source and target language. The TMS will suggest any matches the next time they come up. However, it’s the translator rather than the database that is responsible for deciding whether the matches are acceptable in each case.

  • We have a company glossary – can you use it?

    We can import your existing terminology and make sure that it is used in each and every project. Our database shows our professional translators every time a term appears, and compliance is checked in our quality assurance process.

  • How do you guarantee that our corporate language is used?

    We enter your existing terminology into our database and keep adding terms to it with each and every project. Our professional translators stick to these guidelines and we check that everything is as it should be in our quality assurance process too.

  • Do you have a team of core translators?

    We would be happy to assemble a core team of translators for you, who not only have the style you are looking for, but the necessary expertise too.