Marketing translations from Schmieder, the expert. It’s all about using the right language.

It’s not a matter of knowing how to use a dictionary correctly. Your marketing communications demand far more than that. Whatever the language.

Marketing translations from Schmieder, the expert. It’s all about using the right language.

It’s not a matter of knowing how to use a dictionary correctly. Your marketing communications demand far more than that. Whatever the language.

That’s why we take a close look at your content before selecting the perfect person for your projects from our team of 450 core translators – with the right marketing experience, an understanding of your market and the right impact in the target language. We also capture the meaning between the lines and translate your content in such a way that the unique cultural traits of the target market are perfectly reflected in our marketing translations.

What makes the perfect translation agency for your marketing projects? These ten points will help you:

Certified in accordance with ISO EN 17100 as a minimum

This means the service provider has clear procedures and a proper quality assurance process.

Even more quality control

A marketing expert regularly assesses the quality of their translations. At Schmieder Translations, we have developed our very own marketing score.

Translators only ever translate into their mother tongue

No one speaks a language they have learnt perfectly. That’s why we only collaborate with translators who translate into their mother tongue.

An extensive network guarantees the use of the right person

With more than 450 professional translators, we have the perfect match for every language combination, every industry and every requirement and always use the right person.

Your dedicated team knows you inside out

With your dedicated project manager and core team of translators, we guarantee that your standards and unique requirements are always taken into account.

More than a dictionary

We save your company’s specialist words and terms in our terminology database just for you, and maintain this resource with each and every project that we process.


Our database doesn’t forget a thing. Every sentence that we translate for you ends up in our memory in both languages. When you bring out a new catalogue, we can automatically identify which parts are new and which have already been translated.

Masters of our technology

Translation memory systems are complex things. They accept all file formats, save your translations, check the terminology and offer accurate quality control. This requires a deep understanding of the software. Schmieder Translations therefore allows itself to be assessed by the manufacturer directly and is a certified expert.

Your format is our format

We work with Adobe InDesign on a daily basis. For XML files, we adapt our interface to your requirements. And for proprietary applications, we develop a suitable workflow. You provide your files in the easiest format for you. We take care of everything else.

Trust and data protection

Your data is stored on our very own in-house servers. This means that we are not dependent on any service providers who turn a blind eye to the GDPR. We take information security seriously.

In addition, we’ve developed our very own evaluation system for our translators. We use it regularly not only to review whether or not the marketing translation is accurate in terms of content; we also pay special attention to the suitability of our translators for marketing projects. This is how we ensure that your content is not only accurate, but is also characterised by the appropriate linguistic style in every language, while helping you to address your target group in the right way. This is what we always do. Both for your brochures and catalogues as well as your flyers and product descriptions – or if you want to place some new ads online for your SEA campaigns.

"We give everything for your international success: language talent, experience and modern technology."
Schmieder employee

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  • What is the difference between marketing translations and transcreation?

    In the case of marketing translations, we place particularly high demands on linguistic finesse and style when translating your content into the target language. In the case of transcreation, we distance ourselves further from the original and create a text with your content in the target language.

  • Why should I choose Schmieder for my marketing translations?

    We have experts who are native speakers in every language, we regularly assess their suitability for marketing projects, and from technology to project management we’ll save you a lot of work. Give us a try.

  • When are marketing translations required?

    If you have put a lot of effort into your German text, then you need a translation that is at least equally as good – with a feel for the language and an understanding of the target market.

  • For which languages do you offer marketing translations?

    We cover every language combination. The most common request we receive is for translation from German into English. But we’re also in the perfect position to offer Czech, Brazilian Portuguese and Hindi translations.

  • How much does it cost to produce marketing translations?

    Size, difficulty and language combination are the three factors that determine the price. Pre-translations from your previous projects will reduce the cost. Send us your documents and we will provide you with your personal quote.

  • How long does it take to produce marketing translations?

    A marketing expert who is able to solely focus on your project can translate up to 2,000 words a day. If you get in touch and provide us with advance warning of your projects, we will reserve the time with your team of core translators.