French translation agency: We speak the language of your brand.

From annual reports and websites all the way through to global campaigns, we translate your marketing texts from and into French – quickly, easily and with an extra touch of je ne sais quoi.

The French language has around 80 million native speakers. That includes our translators. They live in your target countries, understand the mentality and adapt your texts to reflect the unique cultural traits of the people. Whether for France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Madagascar, the Ivory Coast, Senegal or somewhere else, we are capturing hearts all over the world with our French translations.

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Our industries and areas of expertise.

A core team with a strong set of core skills: you will be working with a dedicated team of native translators who are not only familiar with the lingo of your industry, but all the latest developments too.

“Language can open doors – to new target groups and markets. To your international success too.”
Schmieder employee

Looking for a translation agency for your French translations?

Look no further.

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What our clients have to say.

Claudia Plöckl

Schmieder has the required technical know-how to translate websites and is a true expert when it comes to marketing and caravanning. With a partner like them on our side, our relaunch went without a single hitch!

Claudia Plöckl
General Marketing, Internet Division
Hymer GmbH & Co. KG
Sarah Leger

We always need flyers and website texts translating into different languages for our products. Schmieder Translations is the perfect partner in this respect – reliable, fast and simply professional!

Sarah Leger
Marketing Manager
FLAWA Consumer GmbH
Thomas Vock

Multilingualism is the be-all and end-all, especially on the Swiss market, which is why Schmieder translates the texts for our puzzles into Italian and French and adapts them, where necessary, to the unique needs of our country. For us, there’s no one better – they have a fantastic understanding of the toy industry.

Thomas Vock Spieleverlag GmbH
Valeska Haux

Everything from a single service provider – for translations and proofreading, Schmieder Translations is our first port of call and long-standing partner. Whether it’s a rush job in a single language or an entire website, Schmieder provides us with their advice and has an efficient approach that saves resources.

Valeska Haux
Vice President, Strategic Marketing
SÜDPACK Holding GmbH
Annika Schebetka

We’ve been working together for over 20 years and have undergone many changes and processes in that time, but Schmieder has always been on our side providing us with help and advice and top-quality translations – and always with a smile. 

Annika Schebetka
Head of Print Advertising Management
Walz Leben & Wohnen GmbH

Got a question? We have the answer.

  • Why do I need a translation agency for French?

    To produce a perfect translation, only professional translators whose mother tongue is the target language will have the necessary feel for the language. Whatever the language, Schmieder Translations guarantees that it will only ever collaborate with qualified native speakers who have a university degree or many years of relevant experience. What’s more, we have the right specialists for every subject area. That is how we get the best result for you.

  • Who are the services of a translation agency for French aimed at?

    You attach great importance to your content development in the source language. You deserve the same high standards for the target language. That’s why you should place your trust in an expert like Schmieder for your translations.

  • How can I send my text to your translation agency for French?

    We can process any format – Word and Excel as well as Adobe InDesign or XML files. Simply use our contact form, send us an e-mail or enquire about your own personal area on our SharePoint.

  • How long does it take to have a text translated into French by a translation agency?

    A good translator can translate up to 2,000 words a day. Internal repetitions or pre-translations from previous projects will increase the speed. Send us your request and we will tell you exactly how long it will take to process.

  • What sort of content should be translated in the home appliance industry?

    Any content that helps your customers to better understand your products and see what their benefits include. This ranges from texts for your website all the way through to instructions for your appliances – it’s important that the corporate language is developed and used consistently in all languages.

  • Which languages are essential for translations in the automotive industry?

    In addition to translations into English, translations into Chinese and French are often required as well. Depending on the company’s export market, however, translations can also be produced in up to 27 languages. This may include Arabic, Italian or Spanish.

  • Why is it so important to get PR materials translated?

    You invest a great deal in PR to ensure that your message resonates with your target audience. If this isn’t done in your audience’s mother tongue, then your investment goes to waste. Avoid any possible issues and address your target market directly.

  • Which languages do you translate into?

    There is hardly any language that we do not translate into. In addition to common European languages, Russian and Chinese, we also translate into more exotic languages, such as Malay and Farsi, but also Romansh and even Klingon.