Product text translations: Read the text, love the product – buy, buy, buy!

The words you choose to showcase your products online or offline can determine your success or failure. We come up with translations that will appeal to your customers.

Translation can be time-consuming and is prone to error, particularly in the case of online shops with product descriptions in many different languages. We specialise in e-commerce translations. Aside from our extensive expertise in product texts, we are also well versed in search engine optimisation, localisation and machine translation tools. The result? Your product will sound so good in every language that people will be convinced they simply have to have it.

The benefits for you of product text translations with Schmieder.

From fashion to fast cars, e-commerce to electronics and gardening to gaming, we make your product texts perfect, both linguistically and technically.

SEO-compliant translations.

Before anyone can read your product text, they need to be able to find it first. That is why we optimise your translations for relevant keywords in all languages.

A flair for languages and excellent selling skills.

Our teams are not just adept at languages, but marketing experts too, and they know how and in which cultures a product text will be successful.

Clever systems and processes.

To keep costs low, we rely on well-designed processes and make use of innovative software and technology solutions that help our translators.

Dedicated teams.

To prevent you from having to explain your products over and over again, we use the same teams to ensure that the quality of your product text translations remains consistently high.
“A good product deserves the perfect product text.”
Schmieder employee

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What our clients have to say.

Annika Schebetka

We’ve been working together for over 20 years and have undergone many changes and processes in that time, but Schmieder has always been on our side providing us with help and advice and top-quality translations – and always with a smile. 

Annika Schebetka
Head of Print Advertising Management
Walz Leben & Wohnen GmbH
Michael Hampel

BEMER is growing in every corner of the world. That’s why we need a partner who takes care of all of our language management needs and reliably delivers first-class quality time and time again where the 14 languages in which we communicate are concerned – all fully integrated in our own project management systems. We’re not just impressed with Schmieder’s product texts, but everything about the company, and that’s been the case for many years.

Michael Hampel
Communication Manager
BEMER International AG
Moritz Futterer

Schmieder Translations has the perfect mix of marketing experience and expertise to translate our product texts in a way that is both appealing and technically accurate. It makes no difference whether the texts are for our eCatalogue, advertisements or manuals. How quickly they turn around jobs and the consistency in the translation of technical terms and foreign words is particularly remarkable. This makes RAFI texts far more distinctive and recognisable.

Moritz Futterer
Head of Product Marketing / Head of Product Management
RAFI Group
Michael Seeler

Schmieder has many years of experience in the toy industry and therefore has the necessary feel for the right language, which is why they’ve been helping us to translate our product names, product information and all of our external communications for many years now.

Michael Seeler
Authorised Representative/Head of Sales
Nic Spiel+Art GmbH
Sebastian Egg

Thank you so much for the brilliant translations! Thanks also for the quick and professional service! We’ll definitely be back.

Sebastian Egg
Head of Sales Export
Töpfer GmbH
Marcel Romer

In recent years, we’ve found a strong partner in Schmieder Translations for the provision of our texts in various languages. Schmieder translates a variety of different text types and also carries out proofreading to an outstanding standard of quality. At the same time, they take care of the gradual development of our corporate language and their flexibility is what sets them apart as a reliable service provider.

Marcel Romer
Head of Sales Promotion & Communication
IGP Pulvertechnik AG
Prof. Dr. Thomas Dobbelstein

We compile highly complex analyses, which are precisely tailored to our customers’ needs. Image analyses and customer satisfaction surveys in particular place especially high demands on translating the message that’s hidden between the lines. Schmieder Translations gets things perfect every single time. Everything is spot on. And they usually even exceed tight delivery deadlines. We are incredibly happy with what they do.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Dobbelstein
Managing Director
Marktforschungsinstitut Customer Research 42 GmbH
Schmidt Spiele GmbH

When it comes to comprehension and complex relationships within a text in particular, it’s vital that these are retained in the respective foreign languages. This requires a trustworthy partner who is willing to ask questions if ever something seems unclear. That’s exactly the kind of partner we’ve found in Schmieder Translations.

Schmidt Spiele GmbH

Got a question? We have the answer.

  • Are the documents that I hand over to the translation agency subject to a non-disclosure agreement?

    Our certification in accordance with ISO EN 17100 obliges us to ensure information security. We translate a lot of content that is subject to embargo periods or additional non-disclosure agreements, so confidentiality is a matter of course for us.

  • Are the translations SEO-compliant?

    Yes, on request we will gladly adopt the keywords you have selected and will use these in the foreign language. Needless to say, we will of course avoid duplicate content and any clumsy wording. We would also be happy to carry out keyword research in the target language on your behalf.

  • What is a TMS and what are its benefits?

    The translation memory system (TMS) helps our native professional translators as it remembers every sentence in the source and target language. The TMS will suggest any matches the next time they come up. However, it’s the translator rather than the database that is responsible for deciding whether the matches are acceptable in each case.

  • Do you have a team of core translators?

    We would be happy to assemble a core team of translators for you, who not only have the style you are looking for, but the necessary expertise too.  

  • Which format does the text have to be in?

    Ideally, send us the text to be translated in an editable format – it can be Word, Excel, PowerPoint, IDML or XML/XLIFF. This will enable us to translate your original document directly without requiring any tedious copying and pasting on your part. By the way, if you don’t have an editable file to hand, we will be happy to create one for you.