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As a language service provider, marketing translation agency and transcreation specialist, we make brands a huge success, while keeping the costs down.

We love language. It is an effective tool that establishes brands and makes companies more successful. In all of the services that we offer, we capitalise on our linguistic finesse and our deep understanding of brands, markets and cultures. Efficient processes, first-class service and innovative technical solutions are all part of our repertoire, alongside more than 80 foreign languages.

More than just a translation agency.

Language is at its most beautiful when it leaves you lost for words: impressing our clients with the outstanding quality of the service we provide is what we love most. We are happy to go the extra mile to ensure that your translations and marketing texts touch the hearts and minds of your target groups.

Language management

We take on every aspect of managing all of the texts and languages used in your international corporate communications – for complete consistency across all foreign languages.


We do more than simply translate marketing texts; we adapt them to convey the true meaning. Our translators take into account the linguistic and cultural nuances in their native language, ensuring that your message has exactly the right impact.

Corporate language

We ensure that the corporate language of your brand is the same in any language, and that company-specific terminology is always used consistently.

Marketing translations

We translate your marketing texts reliably, efficiently and with a great deal of feeling for brands and markets. From catalogues and presentations all the way through to multilingual company websites.
“Aside from being real wordsmiths, we know how to create a real buzz around your products too.”
Schmieder employee

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What our clients have to say.

Claudia Plöckl

Schmieder has the required technical know-how to translate websites and is a true expert when it comes to marketing and caravanning. With a partner like them on our side, our relaunch went without a single hitch!

Claudia Plöckl
General Marketing, Internet Division
Hymer GmbH & Co. KG
Kim-Sarah Truckenmüller

Our work is about helping to provide people with automotive mobility and ultimately enabling them to lead independent lives. Schmieder provides the perfect translations for the global automotive market.

Kim-Sarah Truckenmüller
Veigel GmbH & Co. KG
Tatjana Schweitzer

The perfect partnership for many years: Schmieder Translations not only knows our brand and our company, but is an expert in our field too, which is why it delivers the perfect texts for a wide variety of departments.

Tatjana Schweitzer
Head of Marketing
RAFI GmbH & Co. KG
Manuela Neumann

From social media posts and press releases all the way through to our entire website, Schmieder provides us with translations of the highest standard. At the same time, I appreciate the professionalism and collaborative approach of the Schmieder team.

Manuela Neumann
Head of Marketing
ST Deutschland GmbH
Sebastian Schnell

There’s a good reason why we’ve been partners for so many years – Schmieder always strikes the right note! Schmieder is synonymous with quality, professionalism and creativity, especially when it comes to the translation of PR and marketing texts. Our customers are happy, and we’re happy – that says it all.

Sebastian Schnell
Head of Project Management
Schindler Parent GmbH
Prof. Dr. Thomas Dobbelstein

We compile highly complex analyses, which are precisely tailored to our customers’ needs. Image analyses and customer satisfaction surveys in particular place especially high demands on translating the message that’s hidden between the lines. Schmieder Translations gets things perfect every single time. Everything is spot on. And they usually even exceed tight delivery deadlines. We are incredibly happy with what they do.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Dobbelstein
Managing Director
Marktforschungsinstitut Customer Research 42 GmbH
Gabriele Brutscher

PEKANA remedies are manufactured in accordance with the strictest pharmaceutical quality standards. We are equally committed to quality when it comes to choosing our partners. With Schmieder, we’ve had experienced language professionals on our side for many years.

Gabriele Brutscher
Management Assistant
PEKANA Naturheilmittel GmbH
Katharina Maus

The process of machine translation combined with post-editing by a native translator strikes exactly the right note that we need in our target countries! Thank you so much for your speedy help and the great teamwork!

Katharina Maus
Project Consultant, Public Cooperation Partners Team
Don Bosco Mondo e.V.

Got a question? We have the answer.

  • What do I need to bear in mind when it comes to website translations?

    If you are able to export the content of your website (usually with a plugin that creates an XML file), it will save you a lot of work. We process this file directly, which saves you from having to copy everything out. Alternatively, we can input everything into the backend of the site.

  • Will the cost of the translation vary depending on the language?

    The language combination and the demand will have an impact on the cost. At the same time, our translation memory system reduces the cost by detecting passages that are repeated. We would be happy to provide you with a quote for your translation needs.

  • Are you able to translate all sorts of documents and texts?

    Catalogues in Adobe InDesign, your website as an XML export or a data sheet as a simple Word document – we accept all formats and will return the texts to you in the same format.

  • What is a TMS and what are its benefits?

    The translation memory system (TMS) helps our native professional translators as it remembers every sentence in the source and target language. The TMS will suggest any matches the next time they come up. However, it’s the translator rather than the database that is responsible for deciding whether the matches are acceptable in each case.

  • What is localisation and why is it so important?

    Localisation is not just about translating the content of the source text, but adapting it to the respective target market. The focus is on stylistic nuances that are specific to different cultures. This enables us to strike the right note in the target market too and increase trust in your company.

  • Who translates the text?

    At Schmieder, professional translators translate exclusively into their respective mother tongue. Our team consists of highly qualified language experts who specialise in a wide variety of fields. This enables us to find the perfect match for your texts every time.