Italian translation agency: We translate La Dolce Vita into over 80 languages.

From and into Italian, we translate your marketing texts not only pronto, but perfetto above all else.

Our native translators have a thorough understanding of the Italian attitude to life and an even better feel for the Italian language. They live in your target countries, understand the local culture and adapt your translations to suit the country and the people. Whether for Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City or somewhere else, we can assist you with your international corporate communications with our Italian translations.

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Our industries and areas of expertise.

When choosing the right native speakers, in addition to professionalism and brand awareness, we make sure that they are familiar with the latest developments in your industry as well as the terminology that is used.

“We speak the language of Casanova and are just as good at capturing people’s hearts.”
Schmieder employee

Looking for a translation agency for your Italian translations?

Look no further.

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What our clients have to say.

Sarah Leger

We always need flyers and website texts translating into different languages for our products. Schmieder Translations is the perfect partner in this respect – reliable, fast and simply professional!

Sarah Leger
Marketing Manager
FLAWA Consumer GmbH
Marcel Romer

In recent years, we’ve found a strong partner in Schmieder Translations for the provision of our texts in various languages. Schmieder translates a variety of different text types and also carries out proofreading to an outstanding standard of quality. At the same time, they take care of the gradual development of our corporate language and their flexibility is what sets them apart as a reliable service provider.

Marcel Romer
Head of Sales Promotion & Communication
IGP Pulvertechnik AG
Moritz Futterer

Schmieder Translations has the perfect mix of marketing experience and expertise to translate our product texts in a way that is both appealing and technically accurate. It makes no difference whether the texts are for our eCatalogue, advertisements or manuals. How quickly they turn around jobs and the consistency in the translation of technical terms and foreign words is particularly remarkable. This makes RAFI texts far more distinctive and recognisable.

Moritz Futterer
Head of Product Marketing / Head of Product Management
RAFI Group
Kim-Sarah Truckenmüller

Our work is about helping to provide people with automotive mobility and ultimately enabling them to lead independent lives. Schmieder provides the perfect translations for the global automotive market.

Kim-Sarah Truckenmüller
Veigel GmbH & Co. KG
Thomas Vock

Multilingualism is the be-all and end-all, especially on the Swiss market, which is why Schmieder translates the texts for our puzzles into Italian and French and adapts them, where necessary, to the unique needs of our country. For us, there’s no one better – they have a fantastic understanding of the toy industry.

Thomas Vock Spieleverlag GmbH

Got a question? We have the answer.

  • What types of texts do you translate at your translation agency for Italian?

    We are the language service provider for marketing translations in the German-speaking world. Guided by this clear aim, we serve customers from a wide variety of industries – from cable manufacturing and railway technology all the way through to motorhomes.

  • How can I send my text to your translation agency for Italian?

    We process any format – Word and Excel as well as Adobe InDesign or XML files. Simply send us an e-mail, use our contact form or enquire about your own personal area on our SharePoint.

  • How much does your translation agency charge for an Italian translation?

    Size, difficulty and urgency are the most important factors when determining the price. Pre-translations and repetitions from previous projects will reduce the cost. Feel free to contact us directly for an exact quote.

  • How long does it take to have a text translated into Italian by a translation agency?

    A good translator can translate up to 2,000 words a day. Pre-translations or internal repetitions from previous projects will increase the speed. Send us your request and then we can tell you exactly how long it will take to process.

  • Is an English translation all you need for translations in the textile industry?

    If you’re only active in the English-speaking markets, then an English translation is all you need. However, if you have target markets that speak different languages, we recommend translating texts into the relevant language. This will not only make you stand out from the competition, but your customers will hold you in higher regard too. 

  • What are the most common translation languages in the toy industry?

    In the toy industry, translations are often produced in common European languages, such as English, Italian, French or Spanish. In some cases, however, exotic languages like Arabic are also required.

  • Can a translation agency for the beauty industry help me to communicate with my partners abroad?

    The only way to reach your audience in the target country is with the right feel for the language in question. The right translation agency will ensure that your communications are just as good as the ones you devise in your mother tongue.

  • What sort of PR documents are translated?

    From press kits to LinkedIn posts, we can help you with your international PR work. We can also translate your white papers and any other content into the languages of your target markets.

  • Which languages do you translate into?

    There is hardly any language that we do not translate into. In addition to common European languages, Russian and Chinese, we also translate into more exotic languages, such as Malay and Farsi, but also Romansh and even Klingon.