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We translate your company reports. In a way that ensures your business partners, shareholders, investors and customers abroad will understand them . In a way that gets your message across.

Reports represent your company to the outside world, so every word has to be just right. That goes for German as well as any other language in which your reports are written. To ensure this, you need professionals – native speakers who are able to understand the content of your report and who have a feel for your message and your industry.

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The benefits for you when you get your reports translated by Schmieder.

We know the challenges of translating your reports and are more than up to the task.

A full service.

We offer more than just translation; we take care of everything that comes before and after, from maintaining your terminology database to sending out international print data.

A dedicated core team.

We see you as our partner and will always be on hand to provide you with one-to-one support with a dedicated contact person and team of translators.

Efficient processes.

Fast, reliable and cost-saving: at Schmieder, everything runs like clockwork, ensuring your projects flow just as well as our translations.

Native speakers only.

No one speaks a language they have learnt perfectly. That’s why we only collaborate with translators who translate into their mother tongue.
“Ensuring that your reports, as an advertisement for your company, are properly understood in every language.”

Around the world in over 80 languages

Voilà, vamos! As a translation agency for annual reports, we are fluent in more than 80 languages.
As a hallmark of your company, your report is in the best hands with us.
Confidentiality, reliability and on-time delivery are standard business practice for us. Our native speakers thoroughly check any specialist terms, figures and formatting.

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  • Why is it important to translate annual reports?

    Annual reports are an important tool for outlining the performance and financial situation of a company. In a globalised world, it is crucial that these reports can be accessed in different languages. An accurate translation ensures that your annual reports are conveyed in a culturally appropriate, error-free and effective manner, regardless of the target language or target audience.

  • How can cultural differences be taken into account when translating annual reports?

    Cultural differences are a crucial factor when translating annual reports, as the meaning and impact of the content can vary greatly from one culture to another. Professional translators should therefore understand not only the language, but also the cultural nuances to ensure that the message is conveyed appropriately and accurately. This also includes dealing with number formats, dates, currencies and business conventions in the target culture. At Schmieder, we only collaborate with native-speaking specialists who know your target market inside out.

  • How is confidential information protected when translating annual reports?

    Annual reports often contain confidential information such as financial data, strategic plans, and proprietary trade secrets. During translation, it is of the utmost importance to take appropriate security measures to ensure confidentiality. We ensure that the translation is only ever completed within our protected translation memory system. In addition, we provide you with personalised access for data exchange purposes. Our privacy seal is proof that we will handle your data responsibly.